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Welcome to the new Pensionat

Frillesberg is a genuine hotel from 1938.
It is an important reason why the homey
and tradition are felt in this whole housed,
built as a boarding house and the only
remains of the eight that was in the 1940s
in Frillesås.

The fine hotel has 14 rooms, a restaurant
for up to 70 guests, conferences of up to
50 people.
Pub in the cellar with space for livemusic.
A lovely outdoor terrace to enjoy their meal
on. Short: This is everything!

Pensionat Frillesberg is located a few
steps from the sea in Frillesås. We have a
long tradition of arranging wedding, christening, birthday party, business event.
A hotel with unimaginable possibilities: comfortable
accommodation, delicious food, beautiful
surroundings, close to the sea, performances and
special events.

          Please welcome to Hotel Frillesberg!

   We can accommodate 20 guest So if you hawe a crew for some work in the area talk to us, we have some partners who can accommodate lots of more guest. Our restaurant can serve you with good food, Send us a mail for price.

Att bara få vara
Anmäl dig för vårt nyhetsbrev
Frillesås Stationsväg 2 - 439 62 Frillesås
Tel: 0340-650 970 -

Boka Rum Book Your Room Here

Bordsbeställning och bokningar görs på tel: 0340-650 970

You can now play shuffleboard in our pub


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